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Advocating for Aussie Comics

It’s comedy festival season in Australia and my head is BURSTING with all the cool stuff going on there. Tripod have started doing a UStream session once a week, chatting to their fans and playing some songs. I just finished … Continue reading

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Stand-up comics, take a seat!

I wrote an article for Camosun College’s Nexus Newspaper bemoaning the state of North American comedy, in particular compared to its British and Australian counterparts. And HERE it is! Complete with picture of Eddie Izzard. And a comment with someone … Continue reading

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Festival musings/moping from across the pond

The Adelaide Fringe Festival (Feb 18 – Mar 13) has just announced their award winners. I’ve been vaguely following the festival, mostly through Aussie tweets. A lot of the comedians I love have been performing there or at the Brisbane … Continue reading

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Comedy in Victoria, BC

I like to complain about not being in Melbourne. I miss that city – its buildings, its festivals, and most of all its comedians. But Victoria, BC hosts quite a number of comedy events year-round. Here is a hopefully-comprehensive list. … Continue reading

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David Walliams does 24 hours of panel shows for Comic Relief

Over the weekend, I watched about 6 hours of David Walliams’ 24 Hour Panel People, a marathon of 18 panel shows raising money for Comic Relief. It was epic. I wish I could have watched more, but I had to … Continue reading

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Jemaine Clement and Guy Capper as animated sheep: The Pen

A few years ago, Jemaine Clement from Flight of the Conchords and animator/comedian friend Guy Capper created a claymation short series called The Pen, about “two blokey New Zealand sheep at the local pub.” Sheepy and Robert drunkenly discuss the … Continue reading

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