Just for Laughs internship, here I come! (aka: Please hire me)

Dear Just for Laughs/Juste pour rire Montreal,

On Friday, December 10th, you put up a posting for Digital Marketing Internships at the 2011 Just for Laughs/Juste pour rire Montreal.

I was really excited when I saw your internship posting, because it’s almost exactly what I’ve been wanting to do since I started thinking about internships almost a year ago. Let me tell you why I think we’d get along.

I am currently in the Applied Communication Program at Camosun College in Victoria, BC (the school year ends in mid-April, 2011; after that, I would be more than happy to move to Montreal). I have skills in:

  • social media (Twitter, Facebook, blogs, YouTube, Flickr, whatever else your heart desires)
  • videography
  • radio (including interviews with musicians, actors, and community members)
  • journalism (published in Camosun College’s Nexus Newspaper)
  • desktop and web publishing
  • photography

I am heavily involved in my community, always making time to attend Victoria’s multitude of festivals and to volunteer around the city. I regularly host a show on CFUV, the University of Victoria’s community radio station. I volunteer for the Victoria Fringe Festival, and last year was the Assistant Volunteer Coordinator, training and scheduling over 300 volunteers. Last year, I was the volunteer Front of House Manager for Victoria Idol, and this year I am helping out with Vancouver Island’s Got Talent.

Not only do I have strong English skills, but I have had 14 years of French instruction. I completed French immersion through high school, and have taken French literature courses at the University of Victoria.

I am well-connected on Twitter, and I understand that social media tools are not meant for just broadcasting your message. They are meant for connecting, for creating a dialogue. I am excited to make this happen for Just for Laughs.

I am proficient in Microsoft Office and the Adobe Suite (InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Premiere Pro, Audition). If I don’t know how to use it, I’ll learn quickly.

Perhaps most important of all is my love (obsession?) with comedy, which led me to spend 6 months in Melbourne, Australia earlier this year. I was over the moon that I got to attend the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, where I saw 44 shows. (The Pajama Men and Tim Key BLEW MY MIND. Wil Anderson, Adam Hills, Sammy J & Randy, Sarah Millican, Tripod, Asher Treleaven, and The Bedroom Philosopher were all AMAZING as well… amongst others.)

I then spent the next few months frequenting Melbourne’s fantastic comedy clubs almost daily. (Spleen is the best. Softbelly opened just as I was leaving and is perhaps even better than Spleen – Karl Chandler runs SUCH good rooms. Local Laughs in St Kilda is also great. And Pure Pop Ha/Ha!) I befriended fellow comedy junkies, and got to know some of Melbourne’s finest comedians, including Sammy J, Anyone for Tennis?, Andrew McClelland, Oliver Clark, Karl Chandler, and Tommy Little. Oh yeah, and I gave Alan Brough a lamington that one time… (he’s the guy who’s not Adam Hills on Spicks & Specks).

If that’s not enough proof that I adore comedy, then I hope this blog is. This blog is an exploration of comedy, and has two purposes.

  1. To showcase great comedians and funny stuff with a mission to educate my friends, Twitter followers, and anyone else who happens across it.
  2. To encourage myself to expand my comedy horizons. As someone who talks about comedy daily, I keep discovering more and more comedians and comedy shows. Every day I discover that the world is more awesome than I thought.

Going to the Melbourne International Comedy Festival this year has just whet my appetite for comedy and comedy festivals. I hope next year will be my chance to head to Montreal and check out this incredible festival. I am really excited to be a part of Just for Laughs/Juste pour rire 2011, and to share my passion with audiences in Montreal and beyond.

You can view my resume and a small sample of my work here.

Check out the Comments on this post for testimonials from friends and colleagues.


About whoseroses

Rose is an arts administrator from Victoria, BC. She has worked at some of Canada's biggest and best festivals, including the Victoria Fringe Festival, Just for Laughs in Montreal, the Winnipeg Folk Festival, and the Victoria Film Festival. She co-founded the Winnipeg Spoken Word Festival, and helped produce the Victoria Spoken Word Festival. Rose is passionate about theatre, spoken word, comedy, and her community. She runs on festivals.
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11 Responses to Just for Laughs internship, here I come! (aka: Please hire me)

  1. Matthew Sutton says:

    Rose would be a definite asset to you. Her love of comedy and her various skills make her the ideal candidate for this job. If you hire her, she’ll make you glad you did every day. 🙂

  2. Emma Cochrane says:

    Rose is awesome – in oh so many ways – and certainly excels in areas that would make her a great fit for an internship at Just For Laughs. I worked with her at the Campus/Community radio station in Victoria and, not only does she play great tracks on her show, but her delivery and on-air presence is awesome. She was also one of the most reliable volunteers I worked with when I was there. I fully think Rose would do an awesome job at Just For Laughs and you would be lucky to have her!

  3. Alex Clark says:

    I’ve never seen one like Rose. I met her at the 2009 Melbourne Comedy Festival, when she told me of her international journey following her love of comedy. How turned that fascination into a radio show, university study as an exchange student, and then to see as many shows as possible. But it turned out I’d known of her work a lot longer. There was a comedy music video competition in 2007 that we’d both entered. She’s been around for years, making her mark, funneling that comedylove into all manner of media. I reckon her enthusiasm is unflagging and would carry her through any gauntlet of challenges you throw at her.

  4. Shika Card says:

    Rose’s passion for comedy is apparent in both her academic and personal endeavours. I have known Rose for many years, and she never ceases to amaze me with her work ethic, creativity, and involvement in her community. With her experience and knowledge in applied communications, along with her dedication, reliability, kindness, and wonderful sense of humour, Rose would be an ideal candidate for your internship. She will absolutely brighten your day!

  5. Rachael Blaseckie says:

    Rose would definitely be an amazing asset to whatever team she joins. Her love of great comedy never ceases to amaze me, and if I ever need a new comedian to watch, or just something to brighten my day, I know that I can rely on her to provide 🙂
    Despite knowing her for many years, I’m always surprised by how amazingly hard-working and determined she is.
    You shouldn’t even think twice about hiring her, she’s someone you’d regret not snatching up.
    I know that I can’t wait to see all that she does in the future.

  6. Rose would be an amazing asset to your team. She is passionate in everything she does, pushing herself to achieve nothing but the best. She’s involved in her community and has great work ethic. Rose has great experience in applied communications, is extremely well connected and would be an exceedingly ideal candidate for this internship. She never ceases to amaze me in everything that she is involved in and you would be so lucky to have her!
    Don’t hesistate to snatch up this multi-talented young woman!

  7. dylanwilks says:

    Rose’s mother was a hamster, and her father still smells of elderberries. She would make an excellent addition to any comedic organization, but especially to one she is passionate about – like Juste pour rire.

  8. Ashly Kissman says:

    I have had the privelege of knowing Rose both professionally and personally through CFUV 101.9 FM Victoria’s Campus and Community Radio Station. As the Coordinator of Volunteers at CFUV, I have supervised Rose’s activities on and off air. She is a very reliable volunteer who always comes into the station with a positive attitude. Her great sense of humour, winning spirit and all around coolness would be an awesome asset to the Just for Laughs crew!

  9. Artour Sogomonian says:

    Rose and I went to school together, where we were both involved in the school newspaper and yearbook. When it came to creativity, excellent writing and dedication, Rose was in a league of her own. Rose and I also volunteered for the United Way of Greater Victoria, where together with other youth volunteers, we worked to host community events, among other things. Rose always had great input and insight, which have most certainly contributed to the success of these events. She has spent several years working at a popular local tourist attraction, where I have also worked, and I know that Rose is incredibly friendly, helpful, professional, and is a quick learner. She is a hard-working individual who always strives to achieve the best, and I could not think of a better candidate to fill an internship position at Just for Laughs.

  10. Janis La Couvée says:

    I have had the pleasure of volunteering with Rose for Intrepid Theatre, producers of the Victoria Fringe Festival, both as a fellow volunteer, and then, in 2009 when she was the co-coordinator of volunteers.

    Rose is an extremely hard working individual, dedicated to the performing arts in our community. I’ve seen her take multiple shifts as a volunteer to ensure that staffing levels were met – all the while holding down full time summer employment.

    As co-coordinator of volunteers, Rose was able to handle the pressure of running a multi-venue, multi-day festival with aplomb. As you know, volunteers are crucial, and ensuring a fun and respectful environment, absolutely necessary. Volunteers at the Victoria Fringe are an extremely diverse group of people – young/old, ESL students, people with experience in the performing arts/people without; Rose was able to interact with everyone to ensure that the job was completed.

    It can be difficult transitioning from being “one of us” to being a supervisor – Rose managed this transition competently.

    In addition to her commitment to Intrepid Theatre, Rose also volunteers for CFUV, the University of Victoria student radio, and Atomic Vaudeville, a local sketch comedy/vaudeville troupe.

    Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have further questions concerning Rose’s candidacy for the position.

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