Andrew Hansen

A blog about The Chaser will have to wait until another day, but for now let me tell you about Andrew Hansen.

Andrew Hansen is an Australian comedian and musician. He’s most famous for being a member of The Chaser (who try to convince Americans that the Leaning Tower of Pisa is in Perth, amongst other things). He used to be in the band The Fantastic Leslie, and has done heaps of TV work, including Nine Network’s Comedy Inc. and ABC’s My Favourite Album. This year, he hosted Strictly Speaking on ABC1 and won an ARIA Award for his Triple J comedy radio show The Blow Parade.

Andrew participated in all sorts of sketches as a member of The Chaser, including classics such as the Surprise Spruiker, the Crazy Warehouse Guy, and Mr 10 Questions. Another favourite of mine is Clive the Slightly-Too-Loud Commuter.

But Andrew’s greatest claim to fame (apart from his hair) is his musical ability. He is a master of comedy songs.

Like this lounge version of Cannibal Corpse:

The Chaser got in a lot of trouble for the Eulogy Song:

One of my favourites, I Am Thesaurus:

Another of my favourites is Prolix Songwriter. Genius!

There’s heaps more, including The Filler Song, Scottish Stand-Up Comedian, and Comedy Songs on TV.

He also does a great John Cleese impression:

Andrew’s most recent project was a comedy spoof show called The Blow Parade, which consisted of five half-hour-long episodes that aired on national radio station Triple J. According to the Blow Parade website:

[The Blow Parade is a] long-running hits and memories radio show that’s now syndicated to over 40 countries worldwide! Join Captain Blow each week as he looks back on a vintage year from the golden age of pop, and takes us behind the scenes of the making of a classic album.

The Blow Parade was written by fellow Chaser Chris Taylor. Andrew hosted the show (as Captain Blow) and wrote the music. Each episode spoofed a real band (like Bob Dylan or U2) or genre (like stadium rock or funk) by taking a look at the career of a fake band, complete with fake hits written by Andrew. Musical parody at its best. You can buy the Blow Parade album off iTunes, or find the podcasts online/ask me to send them to you.

Andrew is awesome. Look, he even tweeted me!

Do you have a favourite Andrew Hansen song? Or sketch? Leave a comment!


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