Jon Richardson

Jon Richardson is one of Britain’s great young comedians. He’s only just broken into the big league in the past couple of years, which is brilliant for comedy audiences, who get to reap the reward of seeing him appear on panel shows, do stand-up, and pick up radio gigs galore.

Jon first came to my attention when he was co-hosting the Russell Howard Show on BBC 6 Music (an online radio station) from 2006-2010. At the time (and still), Russell was better-known than Jon and it was much easier to find clips of Russell doing stand-up, so it was tough to satiate my Jon-fandom. Luckily, over the past few years, Jon’s stand-up career has blossomed.

Last year, Jon was nominated for the Main Award at the Edinburgh Comedy Festival for his show This Guy at Night. I was fortunate enough to see that show at the MICF this year, and loved it to pieces. It was Jon’s first time at MICF. He performed at the Gala, then caught pneumonia and had to cancel his first few shows. I saw his show a few days after his recovery, when he was still a bit loopy. He masterfully presented his full, finely crafted show, and yet I think he surprised himself at some of the words that came out of his mouth. It made the show unique and, as a fan, I was delighted.

Currently, Jon co-hosts radio series The Museum of Curiosity (which I love, and which I started listening to on Neil Gaiman’s recommendation), does heaps of stand-up, and appears on numerous panel shows. To keep up with Jon news, the best place to look is probably his Facebook page, maintained by a fan.

Earlier this year, Jon presented a one-off episode entitled Different Like Me, where he talks to people with quirky OCD traits (like him!). It’s a really neat and honest 25 minutes of television:


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1 Response to Jon Richardson

  1. Teresa says:

    I’ve loved Jon Richardson ever since I saw him on Have I Got News for You, last year. I’ve searched for anything I can find that he’s done, on Youtube etc. I think my favourite thing is seeing him on The Bubble, playing scrabble with Germaine Greer, and throwing a ‘wobbly’. Very funny 😀
    I’ve found a great place to listen to all the podcasts of Jon Richardson here:
    This was like discovering a treasure chest of greatness. The podcasts of Jon and Russell together start at no.58, which are my favourite shows actually. The banter between them is brilliant!!

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